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Wednesday, July 24, 2013

U of M Science Graduation (April 2013)

The 2013 U of M Science Graduation was something to remember as they went all out on their decor and lighting. The Fairmont Hotel was painted with colors light blue and purple colors on the walls to make for a very classy look. We had a variety of looks for the ceiling ranging from blues and pinks to texture patterns to keep the look of the room changing throughout the night. Enjoy the pictures!

Charity Event - Crohns & Colitis (May 2013)

The Crohns & Colitis Charity Event is always one of our favorites each year as we get to take over the Victoria Inn and totally change the look of the room with our full out lighting show. This year, the charity chose to go with red and orange walls with texture patterns on the ceiling. The stage was the focal point of the room so we added Spot Lights to enhance the look of the Stars from the 60's.