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Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Wedding Show Inspiration Gallery

We had a chance to showcase our Wall Washes and our new Pin Spot Lighting at the Wondering Wedding Show on January 21 & 22 in the inspirational gallery that was created by Events by Emma. It was like walking into a wedding reception. We had 40 light blue wall washes behind the drapes all around the room to give a very warm feel to the room. Also, we introduced our Pin Spots which were shining down from the ceiling on each individual table to illuminate the tables in the dark atmosphere so they really stand out. Enjoy the pictures!

Wedding Reception - Alia Nygard & Derek Daneault

Known to many as "Winnipeg's Royal Wedding," this wedding was unique and something Winnipeg has never seen before. The best words to describe this wedding would be "lavish" and "magical." We had the honor of doing the lighting decor for this reception and it was an amazing opportunity to showcase all we have to offer. We used very light colors to complement the white linens around the room with over 60 wall wash fixtures both inside and on the patio which started changing colors as the night went on. The ceiling was painted with texture with moving head fixtures placed on the both sides of the room. The lit up monogram on the middle of the dancefloor was the focal point of the room placed right before giant 4x2 meter LED Video Wall we installed behind the podium for slideshow pictures and a live video feed. Take a look at the amazing pictures!

Event Planning & Design: Events by Emma

Corporate Event - Cangene Corp Chrismas Party

This event took place at the Winnipeg Convention Centre and the lighting looked amazing! It is not very often we go with this shade of blue but I am sure we will from now on. Cangene wanted a winter wonderland theme and that's exactly how it looked like. We had 40 LED wall washes around the perimeter of the room. The ceiling texture was achieved using 4 LED moving head lights that covered the ceiling with different patterns. Make sure to notice the difference in the Before & After picture and see how lighting transforms the room into something extraordinary.

Event Planning & Design: Events by Emma

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Wedding Reception - Sunny Chahal & Ama Chana (August 2011)

This reception took place at the Winnipeg Convention Centre and the couple went all out on the decor and the entertainment. They flew in one of the best bhangra singers of all time 'Malkit Singh' from England and he did an amazing job! The colors they chose were a purple with white texture. We used to the texture as dance floor lighting when the dance started as they strobed to the sound of the music. We also setup half circle trusses on both sides of the dance floor.

Wedding Reception - Ruben Kalra & Surinder Dhaliwal (July 2011)

This was an amazing reception with an awesome couple! We went up a notch with the lighting as the couple wanted something new and unique so we introduced our new Mac 350 moving heads which gave a very bright orange and green texture to the ceiling. We used 40 wall washes in this room and made sure we didn't leave any blank spots on the wall. All of the colors worked out so well with each other.

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Wedding Reception - Satnam Gill & Reena Shah (July 2011)

This reception took place at the Winnipeg Convention Center. The rooms at the WCC are great to light up and there are so many possibilities with achieving a great look because this venue has tracking all over the ceiling to place different lighting fixtures. The couple wanted the walls to be painted purple and the pillars a white wash. We used 4 moving heads in this room as well giving the ceiling and wall some moving textures and patterns.

Friday, January 13, 2012

Wedding Reception - Simran Riar & Innie Sandhawalia (August 2011)

This reception took place at the Fairmont Winnipeg and it looked like Vegas in the ballroom. The decorations complemented the lighting very well. We did a fuchsia wall wash and a rotating texture on the ceiling. Enjoy the pictures!

Wedding Reception - Crystal Nicolas & Dennis Campos

Crystal & Dennis had their reception take place at the Marlborough Hotel. This is a great venue for our lighting as the ceilings are very high and the pillars look great when they are lit up. They had a damask pattern theme for their wedding which was unique. We had a total of 40 wall washes and 4 Mac 350 moving head fixtures for texture on the ceiling and dancefloor. Enjoy the pictures!

Corporate Event - Marymound Gala feat. Martin Short

Marymound celebrated 100 years of caring with their Centennial Gala Celebration which took place at the Royal Crown - Fort Gary Place. We had the opportunity to be one of the decor sponsors for the event and did our part in lighting up the room in a blue wash all over the beautiful ballroom. Celebrity guest Martin Short rocked the evening with his 75 minute comedy sketch which had the crowd of 600+ breaking out in laughter.

Event Design & Decor: Events by Emma